Aventurine Gemstone Eyemask


Beautiful and rejuvenating Gemstone Eye Mask, handmade with love, Vito & Shemara

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This beautiful Aventurine Gemstone Eye Mask will add a touch of luxury and spirituality to your skincare and self-care routine. The Gemstones help enhance the energy and vibration level so you get supported in your inner journey. Perfect for:

* Relaxation & Meditation
* Calming and soothing
* Relieving stress, tension, and sinus pressure
* Reducing puffiness and dark circles
* Boost skin circulation

Handmade Product
Treat this mask with love and care as it's a delicate item. Due to the unique materials used, you may experience natural variances in appearance.

How to use:

Step 1: Create a relaxing setting for yourself. Put on some gentle music or incense if that resonates.
Step 2: Lay the mask over your eyes and begin to become aware of your breath and relax. Let the mask rest on your face for as long as you desire
Step 3: Turn the mask upside down and lay it over your mouth and jaw area for tension relief and increased relaxation
Step 4: Remove the mask at any time
Step 5: To clean, wipe the stone with a damp cloth or soft towel. For a deeper clean, use a natural soap or cleanser to wipe away product build-up and kill bacteria. Leave it on a soft cloth or towel and leave it to dry.

Aventurine is a beautiful green quartz variety known for its sparkling, aventurescent appearance caused by mica inclusions. It's often associated with luck, opportunity, and prosperity, making it a popular choice for those seeking positive energy and abundance. This gemstone is thought to open the heart chakra, promoting emotional well-being and harmony, and providing a sense of optimism and confidence in one's life journey.

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