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Meraki to us

To do something with , creating, in alignment with the soul
When you are aware of “all of you” & express that in whatever you are doing

–Origin Greek

Be here now, because that's all there is...

Hi there beautiful,

First, thank you so much for showing up! Now let us take a deep breath in… and out….
Yes, awesome, how do you feel right now?

We help people to step into their unique power, embracing all parts, so they can Awaken their Inner Guide.

We do this with MERAKI, with love, creativity in alignment with the soul. From beautiful & healing GEMS so you can Wear your Intention, to 5 Element BITES to nourish you back to Balance, to life changing Experiences & Journeys. We work with & honor the 5 Elements, Pachamama & Spirit, all connected.
Please look around and let’s connect!

 Vito & Shemara


Experience ByMeraki

Go with the flow & be

Are you looking for a reconnection with your Self? We offer great tools to facilitate your I AM experience so you can Awaken your Inner Guide. We facilitate healing Inner Journeys, Circles, Group Journeys & Ceremonies in connection with the divine, letting ourselves be guided by our inner guide in the here & the now.

GEMS ByMeraki

Wear Your Intention

Handmade Gemstone jewelry, so you can Wear your Intention.  Creating something beautiful for the eyes AND the soul. Do you have a certain intention, something you want to transform? We also create tailor-made gemstone pieces designed to your desire & intention.

Bites ByMeraki

Plant Medicine & Soul Food

Because every bite matters. We create delicious healing BITES, inspirational recipes, and nutritional advice. All connected to the Chinese 5 Elements. We have a passion for plants that we love sharing, digitally and physically. Let food be thy medicine, go on and indulge yourself!

Retreats ByMeraki

A beautiful reconnection

Do you really want to unplug from your daily life and take a deep dive within? We offer multiple retreats that can all be custom made to support your own unique path. Check our calendar and discover more on our soon to come retreats.

The next message you need is always right where you are

– Ram Dass

Immerse in the experience

We facilitate the reconnection to your I AM and capture the moment. We let Pachamama help us on our journey, so we always aim surround ourselves with beautiful and lush nature and use the beautiful healing plants she provides for us.

The journey

The way to the heart



What is it that you most desire? Become aware of your heart desires. Tune in & connect to your Feelings.



What are your intentions? Set them daily to become the conscious creator of your life.



Allow your desires and intentions into your life, deeply feel all, welcome them with love and be grateful for all that is.



Now let go of the outcome, trust and surrender. You are always at the right place at the right time. The universe works FOR you, never forget that.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself

– Rumi

We are

We are Vito and Shemara, both following our own unique path, with our own unique experiences and we love to facilitate and create in our own unique way.


Who am I?

Your true Self The greatest journey you make in life, I would say, is the discovery of your Self. Who am I? THE question that has crossed everyones mind at one point, are you open for the answer? Are you willing to go within to experience the answer?

Ready to reconnect?

Do you have a question ….

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