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EerlijkerEten is my food blog with many delicious, often very simple and healthy recipes. Now also supplemented with 5 element recipes, click below for more recipes and inspiration.  


Hi there beautiful,

we are so pleased to welcome you here. We were waiting for you. Are you looking for a place to reconnect, to get back home? To discover the answer to; who am I? We offer a place where you can find YOU, to get into alignment, to really discover and learn to embrace your true Self. This is the path to freedom. We can facilitate your inner journey in multiple ways. Are you ready to let go of the old you and embrace the real you? Just look around and see what resonates, dive deeper, ask your questions or plan a free connection call.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself

– Rumi

We are

We are Vito and Shemara, both following our own unique path, with our own unique experiences and we love to facilitate in our own unique way.

Ready to reconnect?

Do you have a question ….

Start your journey….

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