for unconditional Self-love

We create Experiences from our hearts through soul & creativity. Every Experience we (co-)create is created with the intention to give and serve from pure connection to our true Self. The way we give is by guiding you with everything that Mother Earth provides us, what comes through us, and with how our vessels move.

We offer great tools to facilitate your I AM experience. We facilitate healing circles and ceremonies with the gifts of Pachamama. From one on one to private to group sessions. Let us know what you are looking for and we create a tailor-made experience. Which are all magical, healing, and nourishing for body & soul.

With love, Vito & Shemara







One on One Guidance


Private sessions



Sacred Circles & Ceremonies

We are in this together. Without each other we could not experience our Self, so why not transform together into remembrance of who we are? Our Experience is that when we create a sacred circle, space and/or ceremony it turns into magic. The energy, the connection, and the unification creates the space to be, to experience, to feel, to heal, and to truly connect. As above, so below. As within so without.

One on One Guidance

Remembering together is amazing and extremely powerful only some people desire a deeper dive within. We create the sacred space in whatever way serves your (and all of our) highest good. Do you feel you are ready for personal guidance into complete and unconditional Self-love.

We can also serve you with private sessions and ceremonies.



From our heart to yours, created from connection, we offer the most Self-loving retreats for you and/ or your whole family. Connect on a deeper level, guided by beautiful aware souls, nature, music, food, movement, and all  in a magical location that will enhance your journey.

"I am soo grateful that I am being guided so well, grateful for the love I receive from Shemara and grateful for the beautiful new insights. ❤️ Thank you"

– Gali

“Words cannot explain the experience...what a journey, what a day, beautiful. Thank you all"

– Caroline

“What a special and beautiful journey. Thank to the team and the fellow travellers."

– Daniel

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