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The Meraki Lifestyle

Do you want a vital, fun and happy life? A life where you can go with the flow, grow, develop, feel unlimited love for yourself and share all the love and light with the people around you? 

Living a life from your soul with love and creativity and being able to give something of yourself into what you are doing, whatever that may be. The Meraki Lifestyle. Connect with who you truly are. If you live your life from your heart, with pure intention and love, nothing is going to hold you back. The big question is often, how do you do that? 

We want to inspire you and give you the tools to get that life. It all starts with you, you are only one decision away from a Meraki Lifestyle.

Recipes by Shemara

EerlijkerEten is the food blog from Shemara with many delicious, often very simple and healthy recipes. Now also supplemented with 5 element recipes, click below for more inspiration.