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Food is a really important part for living a vital life – the Meraki Lifestyle

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Do you often feel tired or lifeless, do you notice that you have less energy than you would like? Nutrition can help you enormously in this. Everybody is different, everybody has different imbalances and different needs. Nutrition is something powerful, beautiful and can be so pure. Did you know that you get 70% of your daily energy from food? Now you can probably realize that if you eat junk food and processed food, much less energy comes out than e.g. fresh, organic vegetables and fruit. We underestimate what nutrition does to our body. 


There is so much out there about food, I understand it’s hard to wrap your head around it. What’s good and what’s not? Everyone has a different body, different energy and different balance. So there is no ‘one-size fits all’ answer on what’s good and what not. You need a personal diet that fits your body. Looking from a energetic and holistic point of view. You can experiment with it yourself with some help and inspiration that we will provide. Consider what you can do with a healthy and vital body, the energy that you have, radiates and shows to others. Don’t we want that all?

Recipes by Shemara

EerlijkerEten is the food blog from Shemara with many delicious, often very simple and healthy recipes. Now also supplemented with 5 element recipes, click below for more inspiration.  


I want to inspire people with possibilities to eat incredibly tasty food in a healthier way. Show that you can eat easy, quick and delicious without all the additions and the fuss. Provide tips and information from my natural food nutritionist background. About what nutrition does for your body so that you can understand your body better and end up feeling better. Nutrition is 70% of your daily energy, who doesn’t want to feel more vital and energetic?

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