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Shemara Pijpers

Shemara Pijpers

Who am I?

Your true self

The greatest journey you make in life, I would say, is the discovery of yourself. Who am I and what do I want? Important questions that you might say in the first instance, but you know that, right? Often that is not the case. We are influenced by our parents, upbringing, education and environment. How difficult is it to find your true self?

The journey

For me it was a journey of being able to be influenced, wanting confirmation from my environment, wanting to be found good enough and then want to go through life completely independently. The biggest factor in this is often your childhood, that was also the case with me. I missed the confirmation in my growing up and I was looking for it outside of myself. I pleased people to be liked, worked very hard to get great jobs, developed myself a lot and set up my own company, the whole shebang. I wanted to show that I was good enough towards my parents and I ended up in the rat race of the affirmative life. That is not really living from yourself, that is living from fear. If you look deeper into all negative emotions and self-protection mechanisms, you actually always end up with fear, only you don’t realize that at that moment. You put a “protective layer” over the pain that you know from your childhood that you don’t want to experience again. In this way we build a person that consists of different protective layers and in fact we move further and further away from our true self.


Often something happens in your life that suddenly gives you an insight and then you realize that you are not happy at all. Everything is fine according to the picture, but something is missing. That is your true connection to yourself. Do I live from my heart, my passion or have I done many things to get some kind of confirmation outside of myself and do I live from fear? The last one was the case with me. I have come a long way, but it has not brought me the happiness I was hoping for.

I started investigating again. What makes me really happy? What can I do for hours that I even forget the time? What is my purpose? I have read a huge number of books about ‘rediscovering’ yourself, living your passion, living from your soul, receiving various coaching and ultimately also doing a vitality coaching training myself. I wanted to be able to share all the insights that I have obtained and the happiness that I have gained with others. If it has helped me and my environment this way, it can help many more people. And just consider this; a choice that you make out of fear or out of trust & love, which one will work out better for you?

To do

Check in with yourself, with your heart and ask the right questions. Some find this pleasant to do through meditation, visualization or a heart-brain alignment. Try out for yourself what you like and what works for you.

Try to take some time before you have to make a choice and ask yourself the question; do I make this choice out of fear or out of love? The art of living is not to act out of fear but to act out of love.

First you create in your head, then it manifests into the world. Let that be a conscious creation.

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