5 elementen
Shemara Pijpers

Shemara Pijpers

The Chinese 5 Elements

The journey to the wisdom of the East.

As previously written, I started researching from my own imbalance (chronic abdominal complaints) because Western medicine could not help me any further. From my research, I came across the Chinese 5 element philosophy. I already knew that there are many ancient wisdoms in the East and that they approach things differently from here, but what I learned during my studies and further research, a whole new world opened up to me.


They look from such a different perspective to “the human being” than we do here. They do not see “human” as a separate individual, but as a large energetic field that is connected to everything. Consider what an effect that has on diagnosis, treatment methods and how the “patient” also looks at his or her lifestyle.

Various scientific studies have also shown that everything is energy, including us “human” and that everything is interconnected. Source: Gaia.

What intrigues me so much from the Chinese 5 element theory is that they view everything from Qi (energy) and Yin & Yang. If there is balance then everything runs smoothly, there is a flow. If there is an imbalance, everything will go more like a struggle, you will go against the current and “illness” can occur. The art of a balanced, healthy and vital life is therefore to get your Qi in balance; Yin & Yang in balance. This is a short and simplistic explanation, but it basically comes down to that. The good news is that we have control over it ourselves, so you can also balance it yourself. In other words; cure yourself, but more about that later.

What are the 5 elements?

  • Water – stands for flexibility, deep insertion, inward-looking and salty nutrition
  • Wood – stands for growth, development, from the inside out and acidic nutrition
  • Fire – stands for visibility, inspiration, transformation and bitter nutrition
  • Earth – stands for mother earth; care, stability, reliable and sweet food
  • Metal – stands for structure, discipline, spirituality and sharp food

How can the 5 elements help you?

Everything consists of 1 or more elements. A person has 3 elements according to Chinese teachings. If you know which elements you “consist” of, then you have a blueprint of yourself. You’ll find out what your strengths, challenges and points for attention are. Which elements you “miss” and how you can activate them to get back into balance.

5 elementen

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