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Shemara Pijpers

Great tips to develop your intuition

Open your heart and develop your intuition 

Scientists now know that your heart is your second brain, your creative brain. The Ancient humans already lived from this believe and now science shows that they are right.

Your heart is your creative brain; love, joy, gratitude and happiness come from your heart.

Some people find it difficult to distinguish between their heart, brain and gut. It is so important that we know when it is our heart, brain or gut what we feel. That is where intuition comes in. It is even more important to ensure that your heart, brain and gut are aligned. If what you feel (in your gut and heart) matches what you think, say and show (your brain), then you live in a flow, then you are most connected to “yourself” your soul.

The word flow says it all, you get into a flow. Everything goes smoother than before, it is no longer a struggle if you learn to listen to your body, it becomes a lovely collaboration. That is when life happens for you instead of against you. Truth is, life never really worked ‘against’ you. You are the one that is attracting everything in life and you are responsible, but that is a story for later.

How do you make sure that your heart and brain are aligned?

That is the great quest of life. Develop your intuition, break patterns and then change. Developing your intuition is a fairly subjective thing, it works differently for everyone, but there are a number of tools to tackle it. Experience for yourself what works best for you.

Exercises for developing your intuition

  • Heart Brain Alignment exercise (close your eyes, put your hands on your heart, feel your heart, breathe in slowly for 5 seconds and breathe out slowly for 5 seconds, repeat this a couple of times. This way your body knows it is in a safe place and the right hormones are about to pop up. Now add the feeling of gratitude and / or love. Think of everything you are grateful for, feel it, experience it. The same goes for love. Do this for at least 3 minutes and you have just linked your heart and brain to each other and put your cells in the healing state.) If you have a question for yourself, if want to know if you should do something or not, ask that question right after your heart brain alignment (still with your eyes closed and hands on your heart) and wait until the answer comes to you. This process works through your body for up to 6 hours. If you want the best effect and looking to develop your communication with your heart and open up to your intuition; do this 3-4 times a day for at least 3 weeks and see what positive things are happening in your life. Source: Gregg Bradon Missing Links Gaia
  • Ask yourself questions and become aware of the feelings that show up in your body. It is a daily practice if you want to learn to call upon your intuition, but a practice worth your time for sure. Anytime you react to something, check in with yourself what you are feeling. For example: I feel overwhelmed (too busy, don’t have enough time etc.) or He or she disappointed me, I am upset because… Then ask yourself: what can I learn about myself from this reaction? How can I move beyond the control of this part of my personality that is reacting now? How can I change my perspective from fear to love? Listen for the answer, it will come. Source: Gary Zukav – The Seat of the Soul – This book is great if you want to develop your intuition, one of my favorites! 

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